Act to save Libyan civilians

[Sent to the Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily on May 2, 2011. Not published by either.]
NATO bombs have killed the youngest son and three grandchildren of Colonel Gaddafi. The son, aged 29, and his three children were all civilians.
NATO says the bombs were part of “precision strikes”, which would imply either that the killings were intentional or that NATO “precision” is not very precise. In either case, Libyan civilians are in grave danger.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 authorizes member states “to take all necessary measures … to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack” in Libya. Under Resolution 1973, it is therefore open to any UN member to do whatever seems necessary to block further NATO attacks on Libya.
Shooting down NATO aircraft is probably not a good idea, but denying them overflight or refueling rights, freezing any bank accounts of NATO nationals and providing assistance to bring about regime change in those NATO countries involved would seem appropriate measures by which peaceable UN members can tell NATO that they will not sit with hands folded while NATO slaughters civilians.

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