Dispute on election outcome

[Sent to the Cambodia Daily on 24 September 2013. Not published.]

Your report noted that the CNRP oath in Siem Reap included eight candidates who the CNRP says were elected, contrary to the NEC official results.

I have not seen anywhere a list of the provinces in which the CNRP says it should have received more seats than the NEC allotted to it. It would be useful if the Daily could publish these, along with the NEC and CNRP vote totals for those provinces.

The NEC website gives vote totals for each province, and the results from each polling station. If we had comparable figures from the CNRP, it would be possible for anyone interested to see where there were significant discrepancies, which might, then, be checked to see whose figures were more reliable.

I presume that the CNRP, if asked, would be happy to detail precisely where its figures differ from the NEC’s.

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