Misrepresenting KT tribunal’s history

[Sent to the Cambodia Daily on 23 January. Not published. Long Panhavuth is an officer of Cambodian Justice Initiative, the renamed Cambodian branch of the Open Society Justice Initiative.]

Long Panhavuth appears to have succeeded in misleading your journalist about the history of the KR tribunal (Cambodia Daily, January 23).

There was no “kickback scheme that was exposed” in February 2007 or any other time. There were endlessly repeated unsupported and non-specific allegations by Mr. Long and the organisation that employs him, together with an ongoing campaign to persuade tribunal donors to cease funding.

It is therefore hypocritical and misleading when Mr. Long now tries to blame the tribunal and the government for what appears to be the success of that campaign.

And it shows either incredible ignorance or deliberate deception for him to suggest that the Cambodian government has not been funding the ECCC. In cash and kind, the government has provided about 10% of the court’s costs – far more than any other national government in any other mixed national-international court.

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