ERA ‘findings’

[Sent to the Phnom Penh Post on 2 February 2014. Not published.]

It is absurd for Laura Thornton (Letters, January 30) to pretend that the report of the so-called Electoral Reform Alliance consists of “findings” based on either impartial statistical studies or government data.

While some of the figures in the report are indeed from the NEC, others are highly suspect and/or mutually contradictory. However, the main problem is the tendentious interpretations of those figures by the report’s authors. To cite just one example among many, they choose to highlight: “In polling stations with turnout well higher than the country’s median, [the] CPP performed above its national average.” Readers of the ERA report are not alerted to another fact: that the CPP vote was higher than its national average in eight out of 10 turnout deciles, including those with a low voter turnout, so there is nothing at all suspicious in regard to the quoted statement.

And if any of your readers take seriously Thornton’s claim that this gaggle of foreign-funded professional critics “reache[s] out to all parties equally”, I urge them to contact me about US investment opportunities in a bridge connecting Manhattan with Long Island.


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