The people’s voice

[Published in the Cambodia Daily, June 23, 2014.]

Mu Sochua, in her June 17 article, declares, “The people have spoken. And we should honor them.”

One of the ways in which the Cambodian people have spoken was through the ballot box last July 28.

The CNRP has repeatedly claimed that the official result was different from the reality, that the opposition really won 63 seats, not 55. But the CNRP has never presented any specific claims regarding vote totals in any province: that is, it has presented nothing that could be checked by impartial observers.

So, if Mu Sochua really wants to honor the people’s voice, I challenge her either to present specific claims about which NEC figures from which provinces were wrong, or to admit that the CNRP claim of winning 63 seats is incorrect.

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