Wrong twice

[Sent to the Cambodia Daily on 19 January 2014. Not published.]

Zsombor Peter (January 17) is misinformed about Khmer Rouge tribunal funding. The USA is not the “third-largest donor”, nor has Cambodia “largely failed” to fund it.

The third-largest donor is Cambodia: $8.7 million in cash and $9.5 million in kind, a total of $18.2 million, 13% more than the USA’s $16.1 million (as a proportion of GDP, 1200 times as much).

Peter is also misleading when he says the CNRP “claims it would have won a majority had the voting been free and fair”. CNRP leaders have repeatedly claimed that they did win a majority of 63 seats, despite their various complaints about registration etc.

But they never presented specifics about vote totals at any polling station or PEC, let alone evidence that the NEC figures were wrong. Hence Peter might have appeared more a journalist than a partisan if he had written “claims” rather than “evidence” of voting irregularities.


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