Cambodian politician on US racism

[Sent to the Phnom Penh Post on 26 June 2017. Not published.]

Well, yes.

Prince Sisowath Thomico, of the CNRP’s standing committee, referring to President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border asks rhetorically “Is the US being racist?” (Post, Monday)

No country as a whole is racist, non-racist, or anything else. But yes, the lunatic border wall plan is racist. And yes, its author, President Trump, is a racist.

Donald Trump has a record as a racist going back decades, and he has not changed since entering politics except possibly to become more blatant about it. This helps to explain why the latest Pew Research Center survey found that 72% of Hispanics and 88% of Blacks in the USA disapprove of his record as president.

So, if Prince Thomico or anyone else wants to prove that some proposal or action of theirs is not racist, they won’t do it by saying, “It’s just like what the US government is doing.”