Saddam’s Deadliest Weapon

[February 2003.]

Probably it is only because it does not wish to cause worldwide panic that the US government has not yet publicly denounced Iraq’s biggest weapons threat.

However, it can no longer be denied that Iraq already possesses millions of barrels of a highly flammable explosive – oil. Not only are such quantities of this substance capable of incinerating whole cities, but the by-products of its use are deadly, cancer-causing atmospheric pollutants. Furthermore, it is easily transformed into other weapons of mass destruction, such as napalm.

The wily dictator Saddam Hussein has kept most of the oil weapon underground, where it is virtually invisible to the UN weapons inspectors.

Despite this deception, it is obvious that the world will not be safe until the oil is removed from Hussein’s control and transferred to the United States, which has more than a century of experience in managing an ever larger proportion of the world supply of this deadly substance. Once Iraq’s oil weapon is under the management of experienced US professionals, many of them personal friends and/or business associates of the President himself, we will all be able to sleep better at night – if only because lighting (outside the US) will become considerably more expensive.

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