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US embassy explains return of Cambodian criminals

[Published in the Khmer Times on September 29, 2017. This is an updated version of an article first written in 2002 but not published anywhere except on this blog.] Cambodian-US relations are currently being strained by a 15-year-old agreement under … Continue reading

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Supporting democracy or stirring up trouble?

[Published by the Khmer Times on 1 September 2017.] There are times when “hypocrisy” is far too gentle a term to describe US public interventions in other countries’ politics. That is certainly the case in the present teapot tempest over … Continue reading

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Cambodian history vs. zombie facts

[Published by the Khmer Times on 4 July 2017.] Over the years, I have almost grown accustomed to the distortions and misrepresentations of recent Cambodian history that appear in some of the English-language press. Some of these falsities, I think … Continue reading

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Cambodian politician on US racism

[Sent to the Phnom Penh Post on 26 June 2017. Not published.] Well, yes. Prince Sisowath Thomico, of the CNRP’s standing committee, referring to President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border asks rhetorically “Is the … Continue reading

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Commune elections: A question for the CNRP

[Published in the Khmer Times on 15 June 2017.] The just completed commune elections raise an interesting question for the opposition CNRP. As is well known, for the last four years, the CNRP has claimed that it “really” won the … Continue reading

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‘Analysts’ and the KR trials

[Sent to the Phnom Penh Post on 9 May 2017. Not published.] Your Tuesday article “KRT judges have ‘deep concerns’” states that “analysts” doubt that the judges told the full truth in expressing their concerns, and that these “analysts” further … Continue reading

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Bombs and debts

[Published in the Khmer Times on March 27, 2017.] Your account (March 23) of the unexploded US bomb removed from a pond in Kandal is not unrelated to the $500 million “debt” that the US claims is owed to it … Continue reading

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